Have you got prepared for Halloween 2019? It’s one of the most appealing events of the year. For this reason, website owners try to keep up with the overall festive mood. They decorate their corporate websites, blogs, e-stores, and other online services with different scary Halloween graphics. Thus, websites become interactive, dynamic, and up-to-date. Besides, such a web design approach makes your online presence more distinctive.

Core Features of Catchy Halloween Graphics

There are tons of Halloween images, illustrations, covers, etc. on the web. Many of them are free Halloween products. But are all of them enough catchy to grab visitors’ attention at a glance? Unfortunately, it’s a hard task to make modern users stare. They are a way picky. They want much more than just a background image with the phrase “Trick or Treat” or craved pumpkins. They strive for something special, entrancing, and fun.

That is why web designers can spend hours creating effective Halloween clipart or covers. To gear up this process, it is better to opt for ready-made scary Halloween graphics designed by pros for pros.

Halloween graphics usually include:

  1. Dark colors always help to get into the Halloween spirit. A black and white color palette inspires many web designers. They use his color combination for creating diverse Halloween ghost graphics with a hair-rising illustration.
  2. Traditional attributes such as Jack-o’-lanterns, a black cat, ghosts, tombstones, haunted houses, etc.
  3. Many web designers opt for vintage Halloween graphics. Adding a kind of ‘through the ages’ effect, a website becomes stylish and eye-pleasing.
  4. Spooky elements will delight visitors and show that the design moves with the times. It gives your customers/readers reasons to come back to your website to get more and more about the project.
  5. Holiday-themed typography. This trick helps to emphasize the festive mood. Today many web designers use different typography tricks to make the design more effective and modern. This trend perfectly fits Halloween design ideas as well.
  6. Topic-related animations. They serve as a great chance to make your project look tech-savvy, modern, and festive at the same time.

Don’t waste time recreating the wheel. Take advantage of ready-to-use scary Halloween graphics for your needs. Scroll down and take pleasure in looking through 20 creative ideas.

Halloween Stickers Pack: Trick or Treat Illustration


This pack of topic-related illustrations can serve as an alluring pixel-perfect decoration for your laptop or phone or Halloween party. Whatever surface you want to cover with a ‘trick or treat’ illustration, it will look bright, juicy and of course spooky. This sticker pack comes in two scalable vector versions including .eps and .ai. Moreover, it includes dozens of fully editable Halloween images that can be easily printed in A5 format.

Halloween Flyer PSD Template Adobe Photoshop


This printable PSD template is an efficient marketing tool. With the help of this product, you can creatively promote a Halloween party. To use this template, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Since it’s print-ready, you can easily turn a virtual flyer to a material promotional tool in A6 format.

Illustrative Halloween Iconset Template


This template will inspire web designers to decorate the dullest interface. It’s packed with 32 Halloween-related icons of all possible colors and forms. These illustrations are vector-based. They are suitable for decorating scary posters, invitations, and stickers. Some of them have Halloween ghost graphics. If you wish to change the color of the illustration, you can do it effortlessly.

Hand Designs for Autumn 2019


With this creative hand designs, your Halloween project will look the part. This collection includes scary designs made in autumn-related colors: orange, red, yellow, brown, and grey. Each illustration will help web designers make their projects more festive and colorful. Add topic illustrations to cards, web designs, surfaces, etc.

Halloween Party After Effects Intro


Have no idea how to invite guests for a Halloween party? Take a closer look at this template. This 3D logo animation is fully customizable. It comes with 4 stylized title sets with a sound effect for free. You can change the color of the intro to match your needs. For effortless work with this template, use a PNG or vector logo with a transparent background.

Little Witches


These lovely looking little witches will enrich any Halloween card or invitation or web design. The template is made in the topic-related grey colors. Little Witches illustration will perfectly fit any website for kids: educational or commercial. The template is printable and customizable.

Halloween Bumper Sale Flyer Corporate Identity Template


Crafted by qualified web designers, this template is a way juicy product. It looks catchy, impactful, and theme-related. With this mockup and Adobe Photoshop, you can penetrate to the deep customization process. There is a rich collection of free fonts and images. It won’t be a problem to create catchy Halloween offers and discounts within minutes. The template has a print-ready format.

Halloween Friends


Children are very much looking forward to Halloween. These cartooning illustrations can serve as an excellent decoration for a kid’s party, books, cards, etc. Illustrations are bright, topic-related, and pixel-perfect. The template is free and ready to be downloaded right now.

Halloween Big Bundle – Corporate Identity Template


Whatever project you need to shine on this Halloween event, this bundle will fit your needs and budget. This template is made by professionals. Based on the latest wen trends, you can customize the template with Adobe Photoshop. The bundle includes Halloween ghost graphics available in many sizes:

  • 5 flyer designs;
  • 4 web banners designs;
  • 3 ticket designs;
  • 2 coupon designs;
  • 4 templates for Facebook & Instagram.

Spooky Tees


Search for creative and affordable ideas to dress out on Halloween? This Spooky Tees item will come in handy. The bundle of nice yet frightful illustrations looks extra-ordinary. With this template, you can decorate your tee with scary kitties, vicious dolphins, terrific monsters, etc. The product is popular with many users who have appreciated its simplicity and uniqueness.

Halloween Logo Pack Illustration


This exclusive pack of stylish Halloween logo illustrations will make your project spicy. They will help your presentation, website, ad or cover stand out from the crowd. Enjoy its awesome features and high quality. The set of logos is available in different colors to satisfy the needs of many clients. The pack includes:

  • 15 silhouette elements;
  • 2 posters;
  • 2 seamless patterns.

Trick or Treat


Using these characters, your Halloween card/ invitation/ card will look peculiar. These unusual characters with masks will help your project shine on the web. You can implement them in your web design within minutes. The characters with creepy forms look universal and creative to suit different needs.

103 Fancy Dress Costume Drawings Illustration


This set of vector illustrations consists of hand-drawn dresses and costumes. There are 103 fancy drawings for all Halloween occasions. Each image comes in EPS, AI and PNG files. The set is convenient to use and implement in any project. It works perfectly for both digital and printable projects.

Happy Halloween


This free Halloween illustration is a nice solution for cards, posters, flyers, invitations, etc. You can use it for kids’ websites or party decoration since it looks topic-related yet eye-pleasing. There are ghosts, pumpkins, candies, and other attributes of this holiday.

Halloween Pumking Logo Set Illustration


This product is stylish, affordable and creative. The set includes 3 logos for both light and dark backgrounds. The illustrations are available in AI and PSD files. It comes with the link to use any font you want. Designed in the cartoon style, these logos will suit kids’ projects as well.

Halloween Icon Set


This icon set is one more drawing solution for making your Halloween web page more interesting and up-to-date. It looks eye-pleasing and remarkable. With the help of these icons, it’s possible to grab visitors’ attention and make them stay on your site longer.

Skull Party Print PNG Watercolor Set   Illustration


Stop searching for a way to decorate your party or create a spooky invitation. This quality watercolor illustration with 15 files will serve a brilliant solution. The illustration looks detailed, well-structured and memorable. You can adjust this bundle to your needs. There are many editable options like color and size. All the elements are handpainted.

Halloween Plan


Do you have any plans on Halloween 2019? You have a great chance to map out this holiday in a very creative manner with this template. Halloween Plan illustration set consists of amazing, colorful elements featuring different plants, animals, and other figures. All the elements are bright and vivid.

Halloween Pumpkin Engraving Style Illustration


Sometimes it’s hard to create something extraordinary for casual, repeated events such as Halloween holiday. To avoid addling your brain, use premium illustrations designed by pros. This template includes pumpkin vintage images that look remarkable and catchy. The illustrations come with/ without lettering to suit any taste. The product is available in different formats:

  • EPS10 vector files;
  • PNG with a transparent background.



This wonderful illustration is a mixture of minimalism and creativeness. It’s available for free. You can download and customize it within minutes. The product suits many needs – from an invitation to web design decoration.

Wrapping up

Halloween is a colorful holiday that requires solid preparation. If you have an online business or personal blog, it has to be prepared and decorated as well. Don’t stay dull and boring. Using holiday-themed graphics is a trick to keep users coming back! Customers will feel your care for them. It’s a great opportunity to avoid abandoning in the future.

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