What You Know About Obama 60th Birthday Party and Who is Invited

barack obama birthday party 2021

President Obama’s 60th birthday celebrations have come under fire from social media users, who have criticized him for going ahead with the party amid the Covid pandemic. The festivities, which included a boys’ night out, Sunday brunch, and rounds of golf, took place over the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. The hashtag #ObamaVariant has been trending on Twitter..

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 spread across the country, the Obama family reduced their guest list for the president’s 60th birthday party from 500 attendees to just a few hundred close friends and family. Photos from the event show that it appeared to be mostly outdoors, with large white tents set up across the Obama’s nearly 30-acre property on Martha’s Vineyard. Around 200 guests are believed to have attended the festivities.

The Obama 60th birthday party required guests to submit to certain safety protocols, including taking a Covid test. Guests were asked not to post pictures or videos from the party on social media. Those who did post pictures or videos have since removed them.

NoBey didn’t perform, but John Legend and Alicia Keys both serenaded the 44th president and partygoers, according to the Daily Mail. President Biden wasn’t there, but he sent a video message. (We can only hope it ended with his signature finger guns.)

Some of the other attendees were:

John Legend

Chrissy Teigen

Alicia Keys

Valerie Jarrett

Eric Holder

Elizabeth Alexander

Pete Souza


Erykah Badu

Trap Beckham

Donation Program While Celebrating His Birthday

The Obama family is hosting a birthday party for President Obama and they are inviting some special guests. The party is being funded by Obama’s personal funds and they are asking guests to consider donating to programs that support boys and young men of color, empower girls around the world and the next generation of community leaders. This is all part of the Obama Foundation’s Global Leadership programs.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, who are married, were also seen at the event. Union posted photos of herself and Wade with the caption, “He rang. I answered.”