Welcome to Riding Nerdy, TNW’s fortnightly dive into bicycle-based tech, where we go into too much detail and geek out on all things related to pedal-powered gadgets.

The new year is here, while we might only just be done with saying goodbye to 2019 and the last decade, there’s an exciting year ahead. Join Riding Nerdy this week, where we look forward with our top 5 predictions for bike tech in the coming year.

1. Ebikes…. ebikes everywhere!

The past year has been great in terms of uptake, but ebikes are still yet to take over the European market. In Germany, over the first half of 2019 nearly as many e-bikes were sold as in the whole of 2018. Industry experts expect the European ebike market to triple ins size over the next five years.

As the market grows, we will also start to see a broader range of ebikes appear on the streets. Ebikes are no longer utilitarian machines to give a helping hand on hills or around town, there really is an e-bike to suit everyone’s needs and desires. 

There are practical e-bikes that can carry luggage, children, pets, or literally anything if you’re Dutch. There are also e-bikes, like the VanMoof or Cowboy, that stylishly integrate hardware to appeal to the more aesthetically conscious rider. There are even lightweight race machines with inconspicuous electrical assistance for the racer that might need the safety of a get out of jail free card. Consumer choice in the industry is getting better and better every month.