I don’t know how unpopular this is, but in my life I’ve met a lot of people who others have branded ugly, but honestly there’s been a lot of potential there. It’s amazing what adapting a daily skin care routine, eating well, finding a style and hair cut that fits you, can do. The fact is a lot of people don’t want to do that, they’re either not interested, lazy, or possibly can’t afford to better themselves, which is acceptable. I truly believe that nobody is severely ugly, if you take care of yourself, wear clothes that flatter you best, and even just being a good person, makes you attractive.

I’ve seen people who aren’t that great in the looks department, but they dress well, keep nasty body odours at bay, and stay well groomed, and that there does so much for them. When I was younger, I was lazy, I didn’t take care of myself properly, and I wondered why no one found me attractive. Once I finally got it together, taking care of myself, that all changed, and for once I found people were actually interested in me. Don’t give up, even if you think you’re a lost cause, I’m sure you’re not. You’re just not doing the right favours for yourself.

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