Just think about it. What was wrong with wired headphones? For one they protected your phone from smashing on the ground whenever you accidentally dropped it. They also always made me feel bit more relaxed because as long as I heard the music I knew I hadn’t lost my phone. And on top of it all you don’t have to charge them.

And then came the airpods. Not only are they way too overpriced but they seem just so inconvenient. Who guarantees that they’ll fit in your ear perfectly without falling out? What do you do if you loose one? And you have to charge them every couple of hours. And they don’t even look that good.

Not that they’re a bad product. I do get why some people would like to buy them (listening to music during the class, work). But even taking all of the good thing about them I still can’t see the reason for them being so un necessary popular other than the fact they’re an apple product (which is also the reason not good enough).

EDIT: I’m talking just about apple ones. Where is the attention for similar products made by other companies? I haven’t seen a post about a single other wireless headphones unless people were complaining ‘they didn’t get apple ones’. I figure now that I’ve phrased myself a bit wrong. I don’t mind the new ‘innovation’, rather the attention the airpods are getting just due to being apple.

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