Context: I bought two $124 tickets to an NBA game for a friend and I. We decided that we would watch the first 2 quarters, get up at halftime for the bathroom and food, and then make it back before the 3rd quarter started.

When we got back from the bathroom, there was a couple in our seats (no big deal). But they were eating those stadium peanuts that make a MESS, and guess what? I am deathly allergic to peanuts.

Me: “Excuse me you’re in our seats, can you guys please get up?

Guy: “Oh yeah my bad”

That’s when I see how much of a mess is EVERYWHERE. Our seats are literally the only 2 in the row. A row of JUST 2 seats. And this guy and his wife just have 2 bags worth of peanut debris and dust all over our chairs. We were gone for maybe 15 minutes.

Me: “Dude really? I’m allergic to peanuts and you have absolutely trashed our seats”

Guy: “How am I supposed to know that?”

Me: “You’re not! You only know that because you are in MY seats that I paid for making a mess with peanuts, now please leave!” ( a little rude but I was heated)

Guy: “Don’t talk to me like that”

Me: “Or what?

He just stared at me as security led him towards the tunnel. The guards were very apologetic and thankfully got a janitor surprisingly fast to clean it all up. My friend says I was an asshole though. I thought I handled it well? I don’t carry an epipen on me either, I was paranoid the rest of the night about a nut exposure.

So lay it on me, am I the asshole?

EDIT: people seem to not understand peanut allergies, so here’s an ELI5: if you ingest a peanut, your body goes into immune overdrive, essentially killing you while thinking it’s defending. If it touches your skin (depending on your severity) you will break out into hives which in my opinion from the time I did eat nuts, was the worst part of it all. No I won’t die, but I was scratching myself until I was bleeding once. EATING and TOUCHING nuts with an allergy is different.

Edit2: I’m buying an epipen, please stop pretending to be concerned now

Edit3: I’ve been temporarily banned, or else I would keep responding to asinine comments

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