I’m not even close to suicidal (in fact I strongly desire to live forever with the help of transhumanist life extension technologies), but given the reality that I will most likely die someday I much prefer assisted suicide to the alternatives. I feel it gives one the ability to go out on their own terms and lessen the fears that go along with the process of dying. With assisted suicide you can actually plan your death so you know when and how you’re going to die and can have a much greater assurance that your death will be painless (unlike the vast majority of other ways to die). The scary anticipation of not knowing when or how you’re gonna die and the prospect of it being excruciatingly painful certainly makes the unfortunate reality of death feel more daunting imo.

Furthermore, with a planned death, you can prepare a proper goodbye for the people you love and can achieve much better closure than people usually get. You can also be assured that they will be with you at your death bed if that’s what you want. For these reasons and more, when people ask me how I’d prefer to die I tell them assisted suicide.

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