As someone who is both i wish coming out was as simple as someone noting which hand i use.


“oh you’re left-handed?”


[converstation moves on]

Unfortunately, straight people typically make a big deal out of it to either show support or disproval and it’s just awkward. the sex of my partner isn’t a big deal and the genitalia i like isn’t your concern unless you want to hit on me.


Lots of people are misunderstanding me and think I’m pointing at the lgbt+ community when I’m really not.

This is where I want it eventually but those things will only happen once discrimination stops.

Pride is needed because we’re beaten and killed in the street, because thousands are homeless because they were kicked out over who they loved. Visibility is needed to show teens they’re not alone in their feelings and help prevent the disproportionate suicide rate.

Until that stops it must continue.

When it gets there you won’t care about gay characters as its rarely relevant to the plot other than the pronouns of their partner(s). It may sometimes be used as a story point in the same way some detective programs use it (he’s left handed, why would he shoot himself with his right hand?)

Accommodations will still need to be made for certain things but it won’t be a big deal but similar to people who do and don’t need glasses.

I want being gay to be so normal and visible it isn’t notable. I do not want it suppressed or hidden from veiw.

Be who you are and camp it up if that’s who you are because eventually being camp won’t be synonymous with being gay and that’s a good thing.

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