For some reason, big dicks just… hurt me. Doggystyle especially is off limits with big dicks because it’s just hitting my cervix. I never understood the craze over big dicks, how is it fun to have something way too big jam into you and you’re in so much pain the next day that you can barely move? I feel like I’m missing something but where’s the fun in that? The best sex I have is with guys who have sizes around 4-5 inches. The worst were all bigger than 6 inches. I remember my friends teased me when I was 17 because they found out my boyfriend was 4 inches but sex with him was outstanding. With the average sized guys, they’re able to go deep because it doesn’t jam into my cervix, they’re able to go fast or slow, and move into any position. I feel like such an outlier, but foreplay is definitely the key to great sex for me, not size. The wetter I am, the more fun I’ll be. I mean, if the guy is like 1-2 inches then I doubt I’d be able to feel anything or move without it falling out of me, but I think average sized dick (4-5 inches) is a perfect size, at least for me!

Edit: I’m not a dude, I just like average sized dicks. I don’t know how or why that concept is mindblowing for some people (I’m at least glad the straight lady commenters can relate)

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