Call of Duty Modern Warfare recently received its Season Two update, and with it a mysterious “classified” game mode appeared in the game’s menu. Players are currently unable to select the new mode, but we’re all pretty sure it’s going to lead to an all-new battle royale once it finally unlocks.

The question, however, is when will that happen? The gaming industry is notorious for its inability to keep a secret but, aside from a glitch here and a map reveal there, developer Infinity Ward has managed to keep the suspense going on its battle royale reveal.

First off, we don’t even know whether it’s going to be an add-on for Modern Warfare or a standalone game. Rumors persist that Infinity Ward will offer it as a free-to-play game that Modern Warfare owners can integrate with the full version at no additional cost. This makes sense considering that there’s already stiff competition in the battle royale field from several free offerings.

This would also set the mode apart from the “Blackout” mode from Call of Duty Black Ops 4 which, while well-recieved, didn’t quite reach the appeal of Fortnite or PUBG.

Other speculation we’ve read includes rumors that the game mode will allow for up to 200 players – apparently it’ll be played on a giant map that links together several current Modern Warfare maps, potentially with new undisclosed maps.

Credit: Washington Post