I’m Canadian. Lived in Canada all my life (but most of my family lives in the US) and i know there are a lot of stuff i take for granted (safety, security). But if the definition of over-hyped had a country beside it, it would be Canada.

We as Canadians love to hype our country to feel better and we love to look down on those god-awful Americans who are so beneath us. We use American websites (Youtube/Google/Reddit), and American technologies (ie. Apple, the GPS, *now*…Tesla) to watch [predominantly] American films as we look down on those pesky backward Americans that are so beneath us.

**Example**: “bIg cORpoRatIonS rUn tHE UsA” — umm, perhaps you need to look at the big 3 telecom companies in Canada. That isn’t an “American” issue.

Now, you’re probably wondering as to **why** i think Canada is “over-hyped”…

* Firstly, our whole identity is based on “*NOT*” being American. We don’t know what and who we are. We can say we’re the “Most multicultural country ever”, but that is meaningless when you look at every big American city. Look me in the face and tell me NYC, LA, Miami don’t have multiple cultures in among themselves.
* Climate wise, where do i start? It’s cold and cloudy for 7-8 months so if you like warm weather and sunshine, good luck! At least in the US, you literally have every climate/geography of your choice. Canada really is a frozen wasteland (though beautiful, but pointlessly so…) for the most part.
* 50% of the country lives between Windsor and Montreal despite being the second largest country on earth. That’s right, [50% of Canada lives in an area that is smaller than the entire state of California.](https://brilliantmaps.com/half-canada/)
* Cost of living is outrageous in the 3 big cities we have. On the other hand the US has 30-40+ cities to choose from with over 1 million people (i am counting metro populations)…meaning way more job opportunities. And, if you can’t afford NYC, you could always move to Dallas or Houston. In Canada, if you can’t afford Toronto, you can move to frozen Winnipeg (which is still more expensive than Houston/Dallas) but good luck if you’re a skilled worker.
* Pay is terrible for skilled professionals (Canada has a brain drain to the USA)
* The biggest city in Canada (Toronto) does not scream world class by most people outside Canada. I know as Canadians, we talk about how amazing Toronto is compared to any other city in North America…but by what standards? If you constantly have to remind yourself how “Toronto is the best”…that says a lot. It all plays back into the idea of Canadians over-hyping Canada. If you have to remind yourself how amazing your are everyday compared to the US, you’re clearly envying something from the US. In all honesty, Toronto is as interesting as Houston is to Americans. It’s got cool stuff like in every other big city, but nothing that “wows” you like NYC or Chicago.
* [Skilled workers (ex. Tech) make more in the Midwest US than they do in some of the most expensive cities in NA.](https://external-preview.redd.it/43UPYvrcs1gDlDlEcTJyvArcPLo-ghaJF4fik715H9k.jpg?auto=webp&s=c943655484fb9543cf4758f0665f11155a73d695)
* Architecturally speaking, [Toronto](https://images.thestar.com/wNbuYG7FLJKPrItPoEsxJx5mZ3M=/1086×724/smart/filters:cb(2700061000)/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/opinion/star-columnists/2019/01/07/how-condo-towers-are-redrawing-the-toronto-skyline/_1_skyline.jpg) lacks a persona. [Vancouver](https://www.deepcovekayak.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Vancouver-skyline-1.jpg) is even worse. It’s just a bunch of glass condos stacked by each other. I do give credit to Montreal/Quebec City for having some aesthetics though…but they also happen to be French.
* Homicide rate wise, Toronto is pretty good, i admit, but Austin, Boston, Portland, San Diego County are even better than the GTA in per-capita terms. Even the most dangerous American cities (ie. Detroit, Chicago) are safe outside a few run down blocks where it is primarily gang activity.
* The **Healthcare** quality in Canada is a **joke**. Looking down on the American system is the most Canadian thing ever, but you’d be stupid to think the quality of care in the US is somehow worse than sitting in a shitty strip mall plaza at a clinic for 2+ hours waiting for your scheduled “appointment” only to be met by a doctor who is focused on rushing just to get to the next patient. Never mind a walk-in-clinic. In the US, if you don’t have insurance and are in the bottom 20%, you might go bankrupt *after* receiving the care. In Canada, you die like [this person](https://globalnews.ca/news/5082756/woman-dies-new-brunswick-emergency-room/) or [this person](https://globalnews.ca/news/5821795/ns-death-hospital-transfer/) OR [this person](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/st-boniface-emergency-room-patient-dies-1.5179640) from **not** receiving the care.

If i could write a 10-paged essay right now, i would. There is a sort of anti-intellectualism that exists in Canada where anything associated with the US = bad. It would be nice if we looked in the mirror for once and didn’t have to compare ourselves to a nation 10 times our size to feel “better”. Canadians minimize their issues and maximize American issues to feel better (ie: violence, poverty, racism). It comes off as hypocritical and insecure, to say the least.

I’m glad Canada has been my home for so long, but I cannot wait to find a job (i’m in tech) in the US and get the hell out of here. Listening to Canadians bitch and whine about how inferior the Americans are is by far our worst quality.

**TLDR**; Canada is overhyped in many ways. The healthcare is not as great as made out to be, cost of living and the climate sucks!

EDIT: Fixed Canada is the largest country on earth and changed it to second.

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