How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes, or C++ Job Interviews at PVS-Studio / PVS-Studio corporate blog / Habr
Authors: Andrey Karpov, khandeliants Phillip Khandeliants. Here’s an interesting story about how one of the questions we ask at job interviews turned out to reach…
Having a generally pessimistic worldview says literally nothing about your intelligence.
I’m tired of pseudo intellectual people talking about how evil humanity is in order to tell everyone how they’re not sheep and aware and so…
Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages
Rice University theorists have calculated flexoelectric effects in double-walled carbon nanotubes. The electrical potential (P) of atoms on either side of a graphene sheet (top)…
Data Visualization
Data Visualization by Joyce Ma at Source by tonga7383
Transparency: Where Are All the Fish?
This infographic successfully uses color and contrast in its design. The 3-D aspect also enhances the overall presentation of the information. Source by briannamayw
Compaq and Coronavirus – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
To live in a moment that will be in history books is not a particularly pleasant experience; history, though, has another cruelty: those that are…
Как сверстать расписание театра
Афиша театра «Самарская площадь», Самара Source by hhg243
LinkedIn Suggests 4 Types of Posts to Share Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns
As activity on LinkedIn ramps up during COVID-19 lockdowns, the company has published tips on what businesses should be posting. Unsurprisingly, there has been a…
2. Write-Ahead Log / Postgres Professional corporate blog / Habr
Last time we got acquainted with the structure of an important component of the shared memory — the buffer cache. A risk of losing information from…

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