Cosplaying characters of different races, especially black characters if you’re white, is an extremely strange taboo to me. Mind you, I’m not a cosplayer myself, but I’ve seen the ways people lash out at others just trying to express their love for their favorite characters. To me, it’s a self-perpetuated issue that isn’t even an issue in the first place. Black face has a history of ridicule and discrimination, and people label anything even remotely similar to that on a surface level as racism, despite the intent and execution being much different. This is the only thing I see people get hung up on. Changing your hair color? Fine. Using colored contact lenses? Sure. Yet since skin color has a really long history, people get pissed about it. A lot of the time the argument is that it preserves black face, but really, the only people doing that are the ones angry about the cosplay. By making the comparisons to black face, they perpetuate this problem in the first place, instead of recognizing it for what it is, appreciation of characters they truly like.

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