You start off small and work your way up:

It was the 5th day of the 6th month in the year 1997. So it would be written as: 05/06/1997.There is a logic to this; number gets bigger the further right you go because it signifies a larger amount of time: Don’t think I need to detail that a year is longer than a month and thus a day, etc…

The amount of times i’ve double-take or misunderstood the date because it is written as: Day/Year/Month baffles me.

So using the above example in this context would be:05 (ok, so far so good)/1997 (wait, what?)/06 (why?! Why do it this way?!?)

Genuine question; what is the logic to writing it this way? That isn’t rhetorical, my research (a quick Google) provides no answers.

EDIT: Whoops! I messed up the way I was talking about: M/D/Y is the weird one people use. Sorry guys, it’s 8AM here and I haven’t slept yet. Month, day and then year still makes no sense though. I’ll leave my mistake above to not invalidate those who corrected me; thanks guys and gals!

Also, i’m coming around on Y/M/D also making sense: As easy to remember, organized and has reasons to be used over D/M/Y.

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