Especially since the release of Disney +, I’ve just noticed how much people rant and rave about how those movies and shows were their whole childhood and it really irritates me for some reason. I’m not saying Disney movies are bad, but after watching most of them 1-2 times, it becomes kind of boring.

I get the nostalgia part of it, and I might not feel the same abt Disney because most movies I didn’t watch 100 times when I was a kid, but I just have never understood the big deal with the movies. There are a few I never get tired of, including Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, and Fox & the Hound. But besides those, I can’t understand the whole Disney craze. The movies are cute and have decent plots, but I feel like there are a bunch of underappreciated movies that don’t get the credit they deserve because of how much people obsess over Disney’s productions.

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