This might be a weird story, but I had my first child six weeks and three days ago. During delivery, I tore and had to get stitches. The doctor on call didn’t tell me how many stitches I got, where he put them or even what type of tear I had. I had my six weeks check up Monday and when I finally get a room, I realize my doctor didn’t have any notes or know anything about my delivery. She had to ask me if I got stitches and if the doctor on call gave me any information about them. I had to tell her I had no idea, I was out of it after delivering my son, I couldn’t even hold him. When she finally gets to checking to make sure everything is healed up properly, her face changes and she tells me we have a problem. She then pulls out a notepad and begins to explain that the way my vagina was stitched caused it to heal in a weird way. She then draws the opening to my vagina and shades out the middle of the hole. To put it in a better perspective, my vagina look like the number 8, but the two holes are smaller and the line in the middle is way thicker. I have two mini holes that not even a pen tip could fit into! She tells me I have to have surgery because the problem isn’t going to resolve itself. I already had a traumatic time healing from the birthing process and I now have to go back through what traumatized me to begin with. Would I be able to sue the doctor? I tried researching if this is a common thing (even though I’ve never heard of it) but nothing pops up other than “the husband stitch”.

Edit: I forgot to mention my doctor took a picture on my phone so I could better understand what she was trying to tell me after I didn’t really understand her drawing. I don’t think I can post it, not that I really want to, but if I need to draw exactly what’s wrong with it to get a better answer, please let me know!

Edit: I came here to look for advice and most of you have been really nice and helpful, even the comments I haven’t gotten a chance to respond too yet, but I also see some comments that are very ignorant to the female anatomy! I had someone go to another post of mine and tell me I should’ve been looking inside my vagina more than once in 6 weeks and the post was about my antidepressants. I don’t know about any other woman but even before I had my baby I didn’t just go looking inside myself very often. I’ve been called a troll and honestly it doesn’t bother me that much but if you want to see the picture just ask, I can understand how this would be hard to believe, but I literally stated I have proof! I just want help, I’m going through a hard enough time as is.

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