First of all, i am literally typing in tears , i feel so helpless and insignificant, i feel like i am fighting a losing fight Everytime i speak

And i am not even the targeted minority here, we have legit 99.99% of rape and harrasement victims of the entire female population,

We have such a toxic culture , where if you got raped your social life is over and you should kill yourself “sheikhs have said that” and that the only way out of it is marrying the bloody rapist , so girls just never tell

But in private and in a safe space everyone has over a shit ton of stories, girls get raped no matter what age or what they were , then some sheikhs come and say “they provoked it on themselves by wearing those clothes”

Then u ask what clothes are ok, they go anything other than a hot short, some other will go, no anything other than hijab is wrong and worthy of rape, and some go no no it’s either niqab or rape, and some go, that women getting out of their houses is enough to provoke men

They are literally excusing actual rape, and some young sheikh with 2 million followers was asked “what about women who wear niqab yet get raped?” He replied ” it’s because men saw earlier women wearing provocative clothing, so the pent up pressure is forced upon them”

WHAT, I don’t mind horrible and dumb thinking , but not when it has this influence and has no logic or proof or sense or anything

Imagine having Christian friends in this community, if i walk with a girl in the street we get harrased together and commented on, and people walk up to is saying dumb and offensive stuff like “get out of here we don’t want sluts like you here” “hey prostitute come to me after him please”

And the worst part is, i am a coward, I can’t stand up though i know i am right, i can’t defend or help anyone because i know if i even try to do anything they will harm both me and her horribly, and it will be without purpose

I open social media to find 80% of people supporting rape culture , actual rape, because who wouldn’t when you have the power, every female friend I’ve gotten close to has told me a story of messed up sexual harrasement, and many of them have shared suicidal thoughts

Any woman who tries to say anything is branded an “atheist” and a dumb “feminist”, if a woman walks alone , no matter what she is wearing has the chance of 99.99% of getting raped or harrased, and he can’t tell anyone or defend herself or either she is a dumb atheist feminist and how dare she think she has the same rights as men to walk in the street

And why would i come whine here, is it karma whoring, or virtue signaling

No, the issue is that people that share my thoughts here are people who are already rich enough to live in upper class and have enough influence and money to stop it, never face people like this, so we have not much of any activism

I have no platform, money, followers, looks, smarts, anything

I always came to reddit to find relatable people and ignore the hell hole i live in, but it’s becoming harder everyday, and i am scared and weak, I don’t even know what i want

If anyone can do anything, wether awareness, support or any form of help

Please do, i hate being a weakling but that is who i am, i hope i can reach out to someone or people that can help, save me, save us

(edit:many people have this misconception , but i am a male, and i don’t promote the idea of just travelling to a safe space, though logical and should be done,the idea of giving up on my country and leaving my friends and family behind to rot is holding me back , and stop blaming islam corrupt people will use whatever people are following and twist it)

Going even deeper, women aren’t encouraged to find a job or travel or study much, as much as they are told “when you marry a man, you’ll be free to do as you please”, newsflash ,nope

There was a story of 2 women surrounded by 200 rapists, they sat in a store and called for help, and out was standing the rapists trying to get in, the store owner had to kick them out because they might cause his property damage, from start to finish it is recorded and it is horrifying,and media said “it’s up for debate, did you see what they wore”, literally they had to get 4 male friends fighting a crowd of gropers who laughed as they pulled them from clothes and hair as they were crying

Women get called horrible shit and bullied online, people “sliding”into the dms with entitlement, that if women don’t respond , they steal pictures and threaten them with photoshoping them on nude bodies and ruin their lives and share them, while sending horrendous comments and pictures, and that is not extreme cases it also is a the norm

People who grope in public, harras online, black mail , are considered “cool” people “living the life”

People of our community are discouraged to travel and leave the country, it’s considered unpatriotic, and they always go “look at their politicial issues, the even accept gays, they are no better than us if not worse, stay in a muslim country” ,so most people think that this is the same everywhere, so no one seeks change or asylum as much

(People on reddit are twisting my words and using them to push political views, the same issue i am against, i stated facts of what happens, that any research will prove me right, i have said my own personal experience that many in the comments share similar experiences if not worse, if i am being punished for saying what is happening and what i feel about it , then so be it)

But i never advocate they stop taking immigrants, i support it whole heartedly,and it the most reasonable choice for us, and should be accepted by all

I never said i am against islam and said my issue was never with islam, it’s with corrupt people in power here who use whatever works to control people, wether comedy, religion,culture,
Plus i am a Christian hence my name, and there are Christian people using Christian faith to support this insanity, so apparently the way i see it, the issie is with culture not religion currently

People will put their fingers in their ears and say i am a puppet, or i am a blind retard who supports islam, or a puppet made to be anti islam, the the whole post is about people like you who twist words to get what they want

I am not saying arabs are bad, i am saying we still have a long road to go, and i hope we go it , so people DMing or commenting, do some research then come with an argument, not “he’s wrong, cuz I don’t want to think about this”

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