You better live your life the way I tell you to or you will die a horrible never ending death, also give me 10% of your income, and come to my house every single Sunday or you will be seen as a sinner….. Which is bad, despite half or more of the stories I tell you being focused around some of the worst people in the world that helped our religion in the long run so we kinda look past that.

To make it into heaven you need to know your God, but to know your God do you need to know what I tell you to so that you can know that you know him….and you don’t just need to hear it once like you do with the law of gravity… You need to hear it every single week… You know, to remind you. If you question the things I teach it’s because you’re not a good student, you’re not thinking narrowly enough.

I just wanted to point out that Christianity is set up exactly like a Ponzi scam, and so are other religions it’s freaking ridiculous how do people expect others to really take any of this stuff seriously. The second they ask for 10% of all the money you earn… You should pretty much well know that it’s a Ponzi scheme.

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