Welcome to Headline of the Year Voting!

TotalFarkers, this is your time to shine!  Vote, vote, vote, and let’s see what you love!  Consider each headline as carefully as you wish! Some are puns, some are wordplay, some you need to click through a few times to read the story or the Fark comments to figure out the joke (and these are often some of the best), sometimes the joke is in the symbols, sometimes it’s a sideways look at the story or the world.  Vote for any or all!  We don’t limit your voting, we really want to see what you laughed at and enjoyed!  There are a *lot* of headlines, so pace yourself, and enjoy the ride.

This is the preliminary round – the final round will be next week and open to everyone for voting, but this preliminary round is for TotalFark only!

Voting starts Tuesday, December 17 and ends Monday, December 23 at noon Eastern.

For non-TotalFarkers, you are in a read-only thread: if you sign up for TotalFark it will change to enable voting.
Voting is a perk of TotalFark membership, and we’d love to have you join us and add your votes too!

Even if you can’t spare the funds to join, we wanted everyone to have the chance to read all the headline candidates.  Enjoy!

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