As a kid I played mobile games a lot, first on my parents’ phones and eventually my own. But there was a problem. Everywhere I went there were all sorts of in-app purchases. You want powerups? Buy them! You want extra coins or mega bucks? No problem, just pay 10 dollars out of pocket! And that tempted kids like me to beg my parents to allow me to suck money out of their credit cards for in-game rewards. That was when I didn’t have a job. Which leads me to my point.

I say this because most kids don’t have any sources of income of their own. Most kids aren’t old enough to have a job and are dependent on their parents both emotionally and financially (gifts, etc.) Also at least in my experience it’s not very hard to make in-app purchases. You can just tap a few buttons and boom! Extra bucks or coins or other useless digital items! So I feel like the nature of in-app purchases in mobile games tempts children to drain their parents’ wallets for in-game items.

I feel like games designed for children should not include in-game purchases, or at least make it harder for children to purchase in-game items.

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