First of all, I am a Chinese myself. And now, with the recent cases of coronavirus I have seen people assuming that every one of the Chinese population are nasty, dirty because they eat insects, rats, dogs, or whatever. The coronavirus, as well is said to be produced from a bat or something related.

However, in these years I have been alive, I’ve not eaten any of those ‘food’ that the westerners say that we do, nor have I seen anyone eating those. Truth to be told, I find this type of nutrition nasty and bad for the health, thus I don’t eat them. Yes, there might be *some* people that actually eat snakes, insects and stuff like that, but I believe it is stupid to set this stereotype to all our race, because not every one of us are anti-hygienic.

All in all, in these tough times for the world, we shouldnt spread lies and rather try to be supportive of each other, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political views. Have a good day!

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