Let me start by saying I’m only addressing females because it’s just more common. Guys who do something like This are annoying too. Every time something scary happens, from as trivial as turning off the lights at school, to a legit life or death situation, you can bet your ass some girl is gonna let out a howling screech which helps absolutely 0. Im just gonna focus on the “life or death” scenarios because I think we can all agree the other is stupid. Look when it comes down to it I just don’t see it being necessary unless you are in physical pain. I understand you’re upset. I understand you’re scared. So is EVERYBODY. It actually genuinely pisses me off whenever I hear it even if I’m in the situation too (seldom I admit) like a near car crash. All you are doing is being a distraction or worse yet, drawing unneeded attention. I acknowledge it is hard to control your emotions in a situation like that but you’ve gotta to better, just straight up.

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