It’s full of entitled and annoying 13 year olds claiming how “parents are the worst” “they are depressed” “they live in the worst generation”.

I am a teenager myself (2004) and they just piss me off, it is all about how they don’t go outside because their generation is ruined. They post everything that happens online and give zero shits about real life and sacrifice all social opportunities on reddit, like nobody cares about you sending a meme in your crush and them rejecting you, you need to come to real life and act like a normal person.

And they need to have some goddamn respect for the elderly, they made it big, something they haven’t done yet

Back then global warming just wasn’t as big of an issue and I don’t see gen Z doing better so stop blaming them, and just because they saw some crazy Alabama “boomer” on Facebook doesn’t mean that the generation is worse than those entitled pricks.

Edit: phrased some things wrong about the boomers

Edit 2: yes I know i posted some stuff on it recently, but that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about, it just is a dumb shitpost

Edit 3: please keep it civil, I know it is a sensitive subject on reddit, but don’t call people out on skin colour, that is not an opinion that is being scum. I respect every opinion even though I disagree with some

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