I’m totally on board with bachelor/bachelorette parties. I think they are completely reasonable and a lot of fun, however; I don’t get why strip clubs are such a traditional part of them. (At least in the USA)

I don’t understand the appeal behind seeing other people half naked/getting lap dances/ etc. before you marry someone…

Some people look at it as one last “hoorah”, but if that’s what you think is a good time, why are you getting married? Clearly you still find entertainment and appeal behind other people, so why tie yourself down? I think it’s immature, and honestly quite disrespectful to the person you are marrying. It’s like the unspoken equivalent of saying “I’m so horny that before I tie myself down to you, I need to have one little cheat night where nothing counts because after this I’m committed.”

Who the hell would marry someone who said that?

I think people who choose to do that at their bachelor/bachelorette are disrespectful…

Maybe it’s just become so custom to settle in marriage that people don’t truly value their partner in a way that finds it (going to the strip club) violating…

Whatever the case, it’s weird.

Edit: forgot to add this.
I also think it’s disrespectful to the partners of people attending the party as well.
It puts a lot of people in awkward positions. Not everyone is single. People who are already married/committed normally don’t spend their time at strip clubs, so it’s potentially kind of violating to their partnerships.

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