WORTH at any size, absolutely. We’re all people worthy of love and respect, compassion and friendship, but healthy at any size, no.

It’s not healthy to be grossly under or over weight, it’s not healthy to gorge on chocolate or soda all day, or not drink water for a day to make yourself seem skinny.

It’s not healthy to need a mobility cart because your weight is crippling your joints, its not healthy to need a walker because youre so skinny your muscles cant hold you up.

HAES advocates use the movement as an excuse to live unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyles while preaching that they’re holier than thou and we should respect and admire thier poor choices, it is a movement of people with genuine disorders attempting to rebrand those disorders as positive traits.

If you are under or over weight, you are WORTHY of love, care, compassion and respect.

But you are not HEALTHY.

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