i’m a home schooled “student” right now and honestly its one of the worst things I’ve ever gone through. instead of sending your kids to a free school where they learn what they need to know you decide to take them out of school because you think you can do it better when in reality all your doing is screwing up their education and social skills. everyone i know who home schools their kids starts out fine their kids learn what they need to learn and that’s fine but homeschooling is not sustainable and many parents get lazy and their kids start falling behind. by the time a parent swallows their pride and admits that it didn’t work out its already too late and their children’s education is ruined. most of the time when a kid isn’t doing well in home school the parents fall to the excuse of “my child is lazy they’re so far behind” even though they aren’t doing anything to help. home schooled kids aren’t prepared for college or the real world because they’ve missed out on their growth years that real school gives you. all in all if your trying to decide on if you should home school your kid, don’t. you’re only going to end up hurting them because its not real school. your just pretending to be a teacher while your child fails through life.

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