We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this one. A lot of feedback. We’ve all seen the “how would you feel about ____” in which the OP is just posting what is considered a “shower thought” which is aimed to ask users to support a largely popular concept in a way that fits AskReddit’s rules. Interesting and engaging titles are always great but these posts don’t have much discussion value, which is the purpose of this sub. Because of this, and due to the feedback we’ve received, we’ve decided to remove these posts moving forward.

We do understand that there’s some nuance to this. Some posts are shower thoughts/ideas, and others are actual discussion questions.

For example:

* “*How would you feel about a ’if you accidentally scroll to the top, you can go back to where you were,’ button for Reddit?*” is really just a feature suggestion.
* “*How would you feel about dating someone that makes a lot more money than you?*” is a discussion question.

Our philosophy in AskReddit is to keep rules as objective as possible because it helps ensure fairness and consistency in moderation without allowing for a moderator’s personal discretion to interfere in the practice of removing or approving content. However, we also recognize that blanket bans on the phrasing of a question does not always accurately work to meet the spirit of the rules. If you feel your ”How would you feel” post promotes elaborate discussion and is not a rhetorical idea or limiting question, feel free to modmail us a link and we’ll be happy to manually review.

Thank you to the users who modmailed us feedback asking for this policy. We always appreciate constructive feedback and we do take every bit of feedback into consideration. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with mesoth…sorry, wrong script…if you have feedback for us, we always appreciate it as we want to give people the best experience in AskReddit.

With love,

The Ass Credit Mods

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