Last year when Lil Peep died I went through his social media pages to see who he was and what his music was about. *So* many of his fans were underage girls and guys — essentially children. I even used an analytic tool to verify this using VK (Russian version of FB, FB doesn’t have a tool for this) which showed that his page was liked by tens of thousands of children under the age of 15. This would be fine if he was just a rapper but the guy’s entire lifestyle was about drug use. He had dozens of posts on his IG of himself *doing* heroin and nodding off. He and other rappers were promoting a lifestyle of drug use at a time when opiate deaths are skyrocketing. They are not innocent. They are essentially pushing drug use to children.

I do not care if they die, and they should not be glorified. Their deaths are not sad. Their deaths should be a life lesson to (1) never do pills or heroin, (2) make sure your younger siblings and cousins aren’t listening to artists that promote doing pills and heroin. These aren’t struggling artists making songs about addiction, these are drug marketers marketing death and injury.

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