That’s not to say that I will agree with you or even respect your opinion or view, but I will listen to what you have to say. Listening and only being around people with the same views as me doesn’t help me to learn. I also homeschool my daughter so its important that she knows that not every one thinks like she does or is taught the same values. Its important for her to around those that are different so she will know in turn how to accept those without judgement, and also how to handle herself who are different so she isn’t pressured to be like them in turn. (When I say pressure to be like them I’m not speaking of religion. I’m speaking on drinking or smoking, etc. If she chooses to not drink or smoke, even if it is just for social gatherings she’ll know how to say no and not feel compelled to do so. But I digress)

Certain topics I had felt strongly about, had changed dramatically or just soften my view on because communicating with those different then myself. Its one of the reasons why I joined unpopular opinions. Though I’m learning quick that on here a lot of unpopular opinions are actually quite popular, or at most agreeable.

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