No, I don’t have some cucking fetish. Here’s my reasoning:

I think often in relationships, partners really hate when their SO gets hit on. But as long as you trust your SO, what’s the problem?

Sometimes my bf and I will go to the mall, and I’ll notice someone checking him out. I really hope he sees. Sometimes he’ll go to the gym and a girl flirts a bit. Cool. I’m happy my SO is getting a confidence boost from someone other than me, and I think it’s healthy.

IMO friends don’t compliment friends enough, and even though you know your SO is being genuine when they compliment you, honestly it loses value. To know a stranger thinks you’re attractive or have a good trait is a good feeling for everyone and I know my bf has self image issues sometimes.

So thanks to the girls who hit on my boyfriend and make him smile and like looking at himself for a while. You’re secretly a G

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