I don’t know know about anyone else but a lot of time I’ll ask people I know if they want to make plans to do something. For some reason they decided to bring someone else without letting me know. Me and a girl I was seeing made plans to drink at her house, and she knows we are seeing each other. I told her if there anything I should know (if her parents home, where to park, what she wants to drink, ect) and she says no just come at 8PM, and I said ok I’ll see you then. Well I get there at 8 and it’s her, her best friend and her best friends brother. Already I’m annoyed cuz she didn’t tell me they were there and I don’t like drinking with people I’ve never met before. So I’m like whatever let’s just see what happens. Well after an hour we haven’t started drinking yet because the girl I was seeing wouldn’t talk to me and would just talk to her friends brother. her friend was the only who’s talk to me but I wasn’t there for that, eventually I just I decided to leave. Everyone was in the backyard getting ready to drink I said I’ll be back to grab a drink. Grabbed my liquor I just bought and left the house without saying anything more. I didn’t mind if other people come but let me know when making the plan.

(Also sorry about grammar I’m not that good at writing)

Edit: thank you everyone who commented and upvoted just wanted to add some stuff for more context. This isn’t just someone i met recently. I met her about a year and half ago and we talked a lot and were good friends for a bit. Then we started to actually move things forward but have been on and off for the past 8 months and actually dated for about the first 3 months but we broke it off near the end because I was working 2 jobs and got really busy so we never saw each other. We still talked here and there but not much. After not talking for 2 months the first week of March came and she messaged me again. This time I just have the one job because one of my bosses fired me for not buying equipment for a job (his job to supply it) and we stated talking a lot more and she said to me that she wants to start dating again. I agreed and said we should chill soon she says to me that her parents are going camping so she’ll have the house alone to herself. I ask if it’s ok for me to come over Friday (Friday is when her parents left and I asked on Tuesday) and she said yes, I asked if she wanted me to bring liquor she said yes again I said great I’ll see you. We didn’t talk for 2 days (if matters) and then I message asking if she wants me to bring anything, she says no just be there at 8 and the rest is OP. Also wanted to say yes it is her house she can invite anyone she wants over. I just wished she told me or asked so I could at least know about it beforehand

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