International Men’s Day just came out about a week ago. And I’m not surprised that a good chunk of the hashtag consists of backhanded comments/congratulations for existing, certain women derailing the day to make it essentially Women’s Day Part 2, and PSAs about how “it’s okay to not be okay”, that they need to open up about their struggles.

However I imagine that men HAVE been opening up about their concerns/issues for as long as ever, it’s just that they’re met with general negative outcomes such as ridicule, comments such as “be a man” or “don’t be a baby”, and messed up betrayal when their dating partner weaponizes their struggles against them during a heated argument. Doesn’t help that there are hardly any shelters or resources that help with men’s issues, let alone men specifically.

Literally, if there’s one male related issue that society gives a solitary damn about, it’s men and their lack of emotional expression: the toxic masculinities. The thing is, men do know how to express themselves. They just express themselves differently than women, and they withhold themselves because they know people and society don’t care about what men have to say. They’re just as human as women are.

So my thought is this; it’s not just that men need to open up and talk to someone, it’s that people need to listen to what men have to say and just be there for them. They don’t have to try to solve men’s problems or anything, just listen and let them be heard for once. Make men feel validated.

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