Infinity War is just fantastic all around

* It has great pacing
* Almost every character gets the spotlight without it feeling forced
* Thanos is a complex well characterized villain, it hits hard when it needs to (although there’s maybe a little too much levity at points),
* It threw most comic book movie tropes away with it’s bleak ending.
* It’s exciting from beginning to end

On the other hand

* Endgame is both bloated at points and rushed
* The final battle is a spectacle but character positions are inconsistent, characters get into inauthentic fights just to give them a moment to shine
* Black Widows death should have been way more emotional but it was forgotten about after 5 minutes
* Conversely, Iron Mans funeral felt super cheesy
* I get it’s a scifi superhero movie, but their solution to the snap being everyone just returns to a world thats moved on without them is ridiculous, society would collapse
* The time heist had almost no set pieces when it was rife with opportunities
* Hulks whole character arc was just thrown out the window
* Thors character arc could have been good but they spent way too long laughing at him

Endgame was a good sendoff but after the brilliant comic book film that was infinity war it just kinda blew, the final battle was cool the first time I saw it, and there are a lot of good moments, but overall it just doesn’t stand up that well on it’s own.

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