Our $250 range microwave broke. Repair guy came out and cracked it open and said it was a bad door switch. He wanted $389 to fix it. NFW. Besides, he already pointed out the bad switch, so I figure, how hard can it be.

I take out the switch, and jot down the four digit alpha numeric code on it. I go to a locally owned appliance parts distributor. The lady at the counter was very nice, but said that number means nothing to her or her computer. She says she needs more information. I tell her the make and we kind of come up something similar that will (probably) work. But… it’s not in stock and they are moving their warehouse, so two weeks minimum. I ask for suggestions, and she gives the name of three other places in town.

I call those places. The first two are total assholes to me. Very condescending, and telling me I need the model number. Again, the four digit code means nothing to them. I give what’s in the confirmation email from Sears. Not enough. Kenmore doesn’t manufacture their own goods. She needs to know the manufacturer. I’m not at home. I’m sitting in my truck on the phone. Second call goes just like the first. Treated me like a child.

At this point I go home, get the info on the manufacturer, and call the third place. Very nice. They don’t have it, but can get it that afternoon. For the low low price of $40.

I can’t get there in the afternoon, and $40 seems outrageous for a door switch.

I take a last ditch effort on Amazon. I put in only the four digit code that nobody could work with at four different distributors.

158 sellers. Most expensive one was $9. It will be here tomorrow.

KW3A. Look it up yourself.


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