I’m a teenage male and I sleep with stuffed toys, I have a small “collection” of around 10 of them. I sleep with a kangaroo stuffed toy every night and it brings me an immense amount of comfort when I sleep.

Some of my friends who have visited my place always asked if I sleep with stuffed toys and I’ve said yes, then they would proceed to joke about it. Honestly, I don’t see what’s wrong with sleeping with these guys if they help you to sleep at night.


1. Wow good to know I’m not alone lol. There’s a lot of comments, sry if I don’t reply to yours :/

2. I respect your opinion, even if you disagree with mine. However, I do not think there’s a need to be disrespectful. I have a certain comment saying “I hope your daddy comes back”. Come on, really? Was that personal jab really necessary? If you can’t be civil here, I think you also need work being mature.

2a. I would plead everyone to respect the views of opposing sides. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you need to downvote them to oblivion. If they’re giving **constructive** viewpoints of the other side, I do not see a reason to hate on them. Spread positivity 🙂

3. For me, it’s not that I play with them extensively, I just think it’s more comfortable to sleep while holding them.

4. Clarification for “grown up”: at around the teenage age and above, relatives would say that “you’re all grown up”. I do not imply that teenagers are adults.

5. I do not identify as a closeted female (as some of you who associate something neutral like a stuffed toy with being female (?)), I just like soft toys, and think sleeping with them (don’t take it the wrong way) is comforting.

6. I do not see my friends’ teasing of me as bullying. I just think hey, it seems like many people are not really in favour of this, and hence unpopular opinion. My friends are nice people, we joke, we let go. I just needed to highlight a point.

Pre-made/readymade answers:

>”Sorry, that’s weird”
>Anecdote or reason explaining why they think so

I understand where you’re coming from, and I respect that.

>Anything insulting

I get we’re from different camps of the argument, but there’s no need to be disrespectful.

>Positive experience with stuffed toys/blankey/Pillow

Hey that’s cool! At least we know we’re not alone
~~Long live the stuffed toy race~~

Thanks for the support everyone!!

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