It’s not that news is deceptive and fake, it’s that “journalists” have gotten incredibly lazy and rely entirely on their ability to say “google analytics” and “data analysis” which just means they never leave the news room and just get the entirety of their information from twitter. Then they graph their findings with 10,000 dollar data visualization programs and BOOM! NEWS STORY!! The numbers don’t lie, man! Except they totally do because everyone on social media is completely full of shit and posturing for the web. You have to get off of your ass and talk to people and collect your own data.

Other “journalists” literally just sit at their computer and read news, opinions and tweets (of course) from around the web and then somehow have strong opinions about it….and that’s their show. That’s what they add to the

I think the varying reports of the state of Kim Jong Un made it crystal clear that everyone is just regurgitating bullshit that they heard someone else regurgitate and nobody has a clue what is actually happening.

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