Exactly what the title says. This applies to other musicians as well *cough*xxxtentacion & lil peep*cough* Just because someone dies unexpectedly, it does not make them a legend in their respective fields. People are referring to this Juice WRLD dude as a legend because he died unexpectedly this morning and it genuinely bothers me. Liking his music is one thing, but calling him a legend…..no, I’m sorry, but NO. Like, rest in peace and all that but his musuc borders on unlistenable. Yes, art is subjective, yadda yadda, but the fact remains that he was not at all an innovator or gokden boy of hip hop. It’s generic depressed mumble rap that Gen z kids eat up, but the guy dies and suddenly everyone acts like he invented music or something. It reminds me of when Paul Walker died and now everyone goes on about how he’s a legend and such an amazing actor when the fact is, he was just a subpar handsome white actor, very easily replacable, but because he died out of nowhere suddenly he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fuck that. Call a spade a spade is all I’m saying.

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