I know about the benefits. I know how it’s helpful. I work with babies; I’m very educated on breast milk and breastfeeding. No two ways about it, though: that is a human bodily fluid you are feeding your child directly from your own body. To me, it is incredibly primitive. It’s also natural and healthy to squat down and poop in the woods. That doesn’t make it beautiful and it doesn’t make it not gross. Just because your body is capable of doing a thing doesn’t mean said thing isn’t nasty.

Am I respectful? Of course. I always offer breastfeeding mothers a chance to come into my classroom and sit down to breastfeed their child, with a cover or otherwise, if they so choose. Would I ever express my personal opinions on it at work? No, absolutely not, it would be inappropriate and unprofessional. If someone in my personal life explicitly asked me my opinion, though, or if it’s relevant in a conversation I’m having with someone I’m close to, I’ll share it, sure. And yeah, it always makes me squick whenever I see it, but I’m a grown-ass adult and I know when to keep my opinions to myself. I’m allowed to think it’s gross in private as long as I’m not a dick about it. I don’t think I should get crucified for that.

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