A friend of mine is being pressured to help her abusive mother though some stuff, so of course the argument “But she fed and clothed you for 18 years!” came up, I’ve heard it a lot online and in real life, and I hate the argument.

First of all, it’s 100% the parents decision to bring a child into this world, the kids have nothing to do with it, and kids can’t take care of themselves for that time. Parents are aware of that, but still choose to accept that responsibility.

Secondly, ‘clothed and fed’ is the minimum of parenting. It’s what you need to do if you don’t want your kids taken away from you. You can do those things and still be a shit parent.

Lastly, kids should do things for their parents because they have a good relationship and love them, not because they ‘owe’ them something because the parents didn’t break the law.

I’m not bashing on parents in general, I love my own parents very much. I’m just getting sick of the ‘They brought you into this world, you should be kissing the ground they walk on’ type arguments.

Edit: I’m talking about parents who only do the bare minimum. The ones who kick out their kids the day they turn 18. The ones who don’t care about anything going on with their kid. Of course the good/caring/loving parents deserve respect.

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