There is no reason other than wanting your ring to be more expensive to expect a *natural* diamond. There is nothing natural about abusing cheap labor and tearing up the planet just to get a molecularly identical rock. The forces that go into making the diamond are the same, and the forces are natural. If the marketing machine was just as strong in the other direction, we’d all prefer lab grown because it perfectly displays man’s power over the elements.

I know a lot of people are abandoning diamonds altogether In their engagement rings, which I totally respect, but I still think diamonds are a beautiful and worthy stone. If lab grown can make them cheaper and more ethically it’s literally just buying into the marketing that drives mined diamond sales.

A little disclaimer: I did buy my fiancé a lane grown diamond, and she loves it! I got her the ring of her dreams plus saved enough money to buy her the honeymoon of her dreams too, it’s great.

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