As humans, we’re more superficial than we like to admit. We want to have the best partner we can, and in an age and culture where we can now pick our partners like dishes from a menu, it seems we can afford to be far more choosy than ever before. And for every insecurity that people talk about in regards to this, there always seems to be someone with a ridiculous anecdote about how that insecurity doesn’t actually matter at all, that the only thing that actually matters is personality and that they just so happen to know someone who has said insecurity and yet is so amazing and wonderful and practically has hordes of people going to their house to sleep with them like zombies!

Is that really the case? Do people pick their partners *solely* for their personality without considering looks *at all*? Because I don’t think people who say such things are being completely honest and are only saying that to make people feel better. I’d prefer it if people would be honest and admit that, yes, looks do actually matter and yes, people who don’t have the best looks have to work harder – but looks alone can only get you so far if you have the personality of a paper bag.

Instead of trying to pretend that people with preferences are all so hopelessly shallow and vapid that nobody would or should *ever* want to date them, why can’t we admit that we do, in fact, have preferences?

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