At the expense of sounding like a hater of all things popular, I’d like to passionately and publicly express, for once, that marvel movies are becoming nothing more than a high budget, lifeless, formulaic and stale cash-grab. Their success is rooted in hysteria and hype. Honestly I think the entire Marvel series exists so shallow, boring people have something to identify with. The “superhero” shit is outdated and archaic, has no real lasting message and is at some level almost hard to watch at this point. I truly hope that the greed and over-saturation of Marvel is greeted by an abrupt downfall and maybe in 5 or 20 years, they can try again.

With that being said I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy a few moments of the 12+ Marvel films I’ve seen. Sometimes the humor sneaks in at the right moment and once in awhile the action sequences prove to be spectacular. But I also enjoy a Crunchwrap supreme after a night of drinking. That doesn’t mean I’m going to buy Taco Bell merchandise and it sure as hell doesn’t mean I think they deserve to be the face of culinary culture. Because at the end of the day Marvel is the fast food of cinema. It’s low quality and barely tolerable, but it makes the kids happy and it’s everywhere you look. And that’s all it will ever be, cheap, heartless, safe entertainment.

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