Women are given support systems for their depression, they have systems in place and people are much more prone to be sympathetic to women and don’t want to see a woman suffering, people want to help and show they are not alone.

But for men we are alone, not because of the traditional view that men cannot show weakness, but the biggest reason is no one cares. People don’t just not care they distance themselves from you. Men and women will just walk away or show a miniscule amount of compassion. Men know that expressing our depression or darker thoughts is a terrible idea because it will make matters worse, not better, and blaming toxic masculinity is nothing short of victim blaming.

There is this modern trend that traditional gender roles cause men not to talk about this and that gender is a useless construct, but this is far from true. Its because most of us know if we come forward with our issues, the people around us and society at large will largely shun us. Therefore we bottle it in and deal with it by ourselves, not because we are afraid of not looking like “real men” but because we know we are alone in this struggle and if we open up we will lose so, so much.

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