This whole Amber Heard incident is amazingly stupid.

From the beginning, people have supported Johnny Depp’s story, his [bodyguards](, even his ex ([Winona Ryder](

What really angers me is that few people believed him. They fired him from his Pirates of the Caribbean role, and they gave Amber Heard so many roles, and they pandered to her, and there were so many outpourings of support, and yet there was nothing for him

Aside from the whole fiasco itself, why has there been so little coverage of this incident? With the #metoo movement ongoing, the plight of women in Hollywood and in every field was finally given some shred of attention. Yet, here we are and no one acknowledges this.

The media has ruined a man and no one apologizes, tries to make up for it, re-evaluates their position, interviews them again. It utterly disgusts me that they always choose the side of the victim. There is **no more innocence until proven guilty**. In the eyes of society, every accusation is a death sentence.

Even (like in this case) the “abuser” is proven innocent **the media never ever retracts their story**. They make no effort to give a fresh unbiased look. They will always, always, always give precedence to a story than the truth. They will spit out whatever gets them clicks and whatever gets them likes, and whatever gets them buys. Of course they always cover their asses with “allegedly” but the words they use all implicitly lend a much higher degree of credence to the abused.

Of course **abused victims deserve to be listened to and heard from**; most victims are telling the truth. But “victims” like Amber Heard, or the case of [Brian Banks](, just boils my blood.

Past generations fought for women to be equal to men. And today we have that exact opposite reality in our faces. Imagine if their positions were switched. Imagine, hypothetically, if he abused her. The media would be up in arms, the SJWs would be camped outside his house. Where are they now??? Are they outside her house? Just because men are “more powerful”?

We are raising and teaching young boys and men, that women are superior to them, that women will be listened to and believed more than a man will, and that’s bs. Men and women are equal and should be believed equally. Otherwise we will end up right where history left off, under an oppressive gender balance.f

The media and society needs to wake up and realize that the movements for equality and recognition are overshadowed by their own hypocrisy. Not all men are innocent, but we have to assume they are until proven otherwise. A reputation is built over a lifetime, but is destroyed in a second. Amber Heard will not get a second chance.

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