For context, I was watching this news video where a female teacher rapes a boy who was 13.

It is truly a horrible situation for the boy. I was expecting people to support the boy and shame the woman, which I did see. However, I was immensely shocked by the number of men that supported the woman and treated the boy like he had achieved 10 Olympic medals.

This is not okay at all. If this was a girl getting raped by a man, nobody would be saying the man looked “attractive” at all.

Trauma will catch up to the boy and it will scar him for life. There are so many studies showing that children having sex with adults have severe psychological effects on the kids. Yet these uneducated men say things like ‘He isn’t traumatized, he liked it.” or “He wasn’t crying at all, so how can he be traumatized?” YOU DONT KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON OUTSIDE OF A 20 SECOND AUDIO CLIP.

This is extremely wrong and little boys like this should be getting justice, not praise for getting raped.

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