Microsoft has patented a new accessory for their Surface tablets which would let them achieve higher performance when docked.

The so-called Thermal Dock would include active cooling via a combination of a Peltier cooler and fans and would feature a spring-loaded heatsink which would connect with the tablet via magnets, ensuring good thermal contact.

In addition, the dock and tablet would communicate in some way, and the tablet would ramp up processing power while in the dock and then ramp down when disconnected, making Surface tablets a more available desktop replacement solution while not impacting battery life when disconnected, and allowing a thin, fanless device in mobile use, but still active cooling at the desktop.

As Microsoft described:

Thermal management systems and corresponding use methods are described herein. A thermal management system includes a thermal dock operable to cool a computing device in physical contact with the thermal dock. The thermal dock includes a housing, a first thermal management device supported by the housing, and a second thermal management device physically connected to the first thermal management device. The first thermal management device is a different type of thermal management device than the second thermal management device.

The patent quite recently on July 17, 2019 and published on May 12, 2020, suggesting this may be a product Microsoft will release in the near future. The full patent can be seen here.

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via WindowsUnited