Microsoft has been working on the Surface brand for quite a while and the company has improved almost every aspect of the Surface brand get it in line with the current trends. Now it looks like the company wants to fix one aspect where it comes short.

According to a new patent (via Windows Latest), Microsoft is working on improving the repairability of Surface devices. The patent talks about replacing component replacements to “increase repairability and/or customization of the electronic device”.

The replacement housing component may have different housing material from the original housing material. For example, an electronic device with a dented aluminium backplate of the first housing could be repaired by replacing a portion of the first housing.

It should be understood that references in the present disclosure to replacement, repairs, or modifications to the housing can refer to a portion of the housing, a layer of the housing, the entire housing, or any instance where the housing material in the transmission path changes.

– Microsoft

The patent was initially filed as a solution to improve WiFi performance but it shows an interesting approach to repairing Surface devices. Microsoft made great progress last year when the company announced Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X, both of which came with removable SSD and were easier to open without completely destroying the device.