Remember back in 2012 when we were 10-13 years old? What did we do when we played Minecraft. I seem to remember a lot of us walking around doing the “Minecraft Dance”, pretending to punch trees, and doing the “Minecraft wave” at our friends. The “gtfo of my room I’m playing Minecraft” vine was considered cringe humor.

Now Fortnite is the game that’s getting all that. Minecrafters mock kids for doing the fortnite dances, or for getting mad when they lose. Fortnite is the cringe game now.

Before any Minecrafters get mad, don’t get me wrong, Minecraft is an infinitely better game in every way. But we can’t forget what our game went through. So how about we all stop making fun of Fortnite kids? They’re like 12. Let them like what they like. If we don’t wanna end up like our parents, angry at the “kids these days” then we need to train ourselves to think differently.

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