Mojo Vision is working on a smart contact lens with a tiny built-in display that will let users view augmented reality images on a tiny screen in front of your eyes. It kind of feels like we’re approaching this cyberpunk future.

Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of marketing at Mojo Vision, calls their team Invisible Computing, a device that overlays information on what you see in the real world, and you don’t even need a huge device. Another important point is that it will also help a lot of people.

“The Mojo Lens will be able to help people who have low-vision conditions, like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, which is a type of tunnel vision, night blindness,” told the team in an interview with CNET. “We’ve built a lens that can help them, but it can also give those of us that don’t have those conditions, in a way, superpowers to be able to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.”

The device’s display uses MicroLEDs that use 10% of the power of current LCD displays featuring five to 10 times higher brightness than OLEDs. This means MicroLEDs enable comfortable viewing outdoors. Mojo Vision has raised over $108 million in investments from different teams, so we’re expecting something truly great from the team.

There’s a long way ahead, but the future looks bright. You can learn more about the project here and there

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