In response to a comment by a Zionist troll on Quora which claimed that I know nothing about what Zionism is, I made the following comment:

Now you’re really scraping the barrel. I know way more about what Zionism really is than you. I know, for instance, that it was invented by protestants as a means to get rid of the Jews from Europe. I know that Zionism is a reduplication of the völkisch nationalisms that the first Zionists were reacting against, borrowing their core assumptions, but swapping the names around. And I know that the Palestinians have a right to define their own oppression. If you want a fair definition of Zionism, it’s best to ask a Palestinian – Mondoweiss

It got deleted. So I made the following comment in my appeal:

Yet again, even though you allow Zionists to openly hurl insults on Quora, you delete a comment stating well-documented historical facts. Balfour, the British politician who paved the way for the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine, did so because he was a rabid antisemite It’s time to admit that Arthur Balfour was a white supremacist — and an anti-Semite, too ( He wasn’t the first protestant to think like that. That tradition goes back to the first part of the nineteenth century. And it is quite correct to say that Zionism is a form of völkisch nationalism since it shares the assumptions of völkisch nationalism that each ethnic or linguistic group is a biological race, and that no two such races can exist on the same geographical territory as equals.

However the appeal was rejected.

Can anyone explain how my comment breached the BNBR rule? And is there a way to tell the truth about Zionism on Quora without being censored?

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